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Guillaume Gueroult's
Le Premier Livre des emblemes,
Balthazar Arnoullet, 1550

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This description is based on Entry F.280 in Alison Adams, Stephen Rawles, Alison Saunders, A Bibliography of French Emblem Books (Geneva: Droz, 1999-2002).

Reproduced by kind permission of Librarie Droz.

GUL: sm535_p01. Actual page height: 146mm.
GUL: sm535_p01. Actual page height: 146mm.


8o: A-D8 E4 [$5 (-A1, E4) signed], 36 leaves, pages numbered [1-3] 4-72. [Missigning E3 as E5.]


e:cy e.u: e:e, QuAc 3 M.D.XXXXX.


A1ro: title; A1vo: blank; A2ro: dedication: Guéroult to the Comte de Gruyere, ends A3ro; A3vo: emblems begin, and end E4vo.


29 numbered emblems, usually consisting of a title and woodcut followed by a quatrain and longer verse. The order is sometimes varied for economy of space. Not all the elements are found in all emblems. The woodcuts are attributed to Bernard Salomon. Text mainly in italic, 44mm for 10 lines.

GUL: SM535: C4v-C5r. Actual page height: 146mm.
GUL: SM535: C4v-C5r. Actual page height: 146mm.


Sometimes bound with Gueroult’s Second liure de la description des animaux.


Praz, p. 360; Landwehr, 357.

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