This transcription of the index to the 1621 Padua edition provides, according to the usages of the time, an exhaustive means of access to names and themes dealt with in both the emblems proper and in the commentaries.

Entries are arranged in the same way as in the original, with the indexed word at the beginning, and further references including that word following.

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Type in the word or words you wish to find. Please note that the Latin is transcribed without lemmatisation, so that it is usually better to curtail the words you seek to allow for variant endings. Boolean is not currently avaialble for searching this index.


However, these 23 entries refer without distinction, both to the bird 'cygnus' [= swan], and to the man Cygnus.

Users need to strike the usual balance between comprehensive returns and 'false drops'. Thus, in the search for 'Bacch', assuming that entries for or concerning the god Bacchus were sought, the following relevant inflections are found:

alongside entries concerning

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The emblems themselves are indexed by motto, and may be accessed by the same means.


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