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Guillaume de la Perrière's
Macé Bonhomme, 1553

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This description is based on Entry F.376 in Alison Adams, Stephen Rawles, Alison Saunders, A Bibliography of French Emblem Books (Geneva: Droz, 1999-2002).

Reproduced by kind permission of Librarie Droz.

GUL: sm689_a1r. Actual page height: 160mm.
GUL: sm689_a1r. Actual page height: 160mm.


8o: A-O8 P [$5 (A1, F1, P2) signed] 114 leaves, unnumbered. [Missigning K2 as 2.] [Variants: F1 unsigned (Fra PBArs, UKi BL, UKi GU, UKi OB (1 copy), USA MH, USA NN (1 copy)); missigning B5 as B3 (Fra PBArs, UKi GU, UKi OB (both copies), USA ICN, USA NN (1 copy)), I3 as I (UKi OB (both copies), USA MH), P1 as O (UKi OB (1 copy), USA ICN, USA NN).]


3.e, i-si t.s, SiCu C 1553


A1ro: title; A1vo: privilege: granted to Jean Mounier and Jean Perrin, dated 11 August 1551, ends A2ro; A2ro: ‘achevé d’imprimer’, dated 12 February 1553; A2vo: woodcut, dated 1552; A3ro: ‘Tetrastichon’ and ‘Quatrain’; A3vo: blank; A4ro: dedication: La Perrière to Antoine de Bourbon, duc de Vendômois, ends B1vo; B2ro: ‘Ejusdem, ad eundem illustrissimum principem, Carmen’, ends B3ro; B3vo: woodcut depicting Time; B4ro: ‘Bernardus Podius ad ... Gulielmum Perrierium’; ‘A luy mesme’; B4vo: ‘Guillaume de Cayret Tolosain, à Monsieur de la Perriere’; B5ro: ‘A Monsieur de la Perriere ... Jacques de Maulevant Angevin’; B5vo: emblems begin, and end P1ro, with La Perrière’s device: ‘Redime me à calumniis hominum’; P1vo: colophon: ‘Imprimé à Lyon par Macé Bonhomme’; P2ro-P2vo: blank.


100 emblems, each occupying 1 opening: verso: woodcut in decorative frame; recto: number, Latin verse (‘TETRASTICHON’), French verse (‘QVATRAIN’). Most pages are set in woodcut frames, of which there are 12 sets, 4 of which are used only on rectos with the Latin and French verses; some elements of these frames feature the initials ‘IM’ and ‘IP’ (Jean Mounier and Jean Perrin, the Toulouse booksellers to whom the privilege was granted). Latin verse in italic, 20mm for 4 lines; French verse in roman, 24mm for 4 lines.

GUL: SM689: B8v-C1r. Actual page height: 160mm.
GUL: SM689: B8v-C1r. Actual page height: 160mm.


The title exists in 2 states, 1 for Bonhomme, and 1 for Bonhomme and Mounier.

The 2-leaf gathering P exists in 4 different states, probably indicating that 4 different versions were printed on 1 sheet. 2 of these states have P1 signed O.

There are 2 closely related editions, both dated 1553; this one is distinguished by, among other things, the misnumbering of the woodcut of emblem 52 as 29. Cf. F.377. Breakages to the woodcuts (e.g. of emblems 16, 66, 88, and 98) indicate that this is the earlier edition.

The type pages (but not always the frames) for leaves A1ro-A2ro, A4vo-B2vo and B4ro-B5ro were apparently kept standing for the later edition, but the Latin and French emblem texts all differ in detail, and were unquestionably reset.

Several copies from this edition may have gathering O from F.377.


See Praz, p. 395; see Landwehr, 454.

Copies located

A List of Library symbols can be found here.

Fra *LBM (Bonhomme)
Fra *PBArs (deficient; Bonhomme)
UKi *BL (Bonhomme)
UKi *GU (Bonhomme)
UKi *LVAM (Bonhomme/ Mounier)
UKi *OB (2 copies, both Bonhomme)
USA *DFo (Bonhomme; a hybrid copy with sheets from F.377)
USA *ICN (Bonhomme)
USA *MH (Bonhomme)
USA *NN (2 copies, one Bonhomme, one Bonhomme/Mounier)

Other copies

Copies of one or other of the 2 editions are recorded at:
Fra AiBM
Fra DiBM
Fra RouBM


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