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Andrea Alciato's Los Emblemas,
Macé Bonhomme for Guillaume Rouille, 1549

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This description is based on Entry F.029 in Alison Adams, Stephen Rawles, Alison Saunders, A Bibliography of French Emblem Books (Geneva: Droz, 1999-2002).
Reproduced by kind permission of Librarie Droz.

GUL SM32 A1ro. Actual page height: 184mm
GUL SM32 A1ro. Actual page height: 184mm.


8o: A-Q8 R4 [$5 (-A1, R4) signed] 132 leaves, pp [1] 2-256 [8]. [Misnumbering 245 as 145, 248 as 226.] [Variants: 4 of 147 inverted (UKi GU, SM32A), 2 of 236 inverted (Aus VOENB, UKi ENLS,UKI GU (both copies), UKi LVAM, USA IU), 248 as 246 (USA DFo; NNH, copies 2 & 3).]


l-ra osal enra pose 3 1549.


A1ro: title; A1vo: privilege: to Bonhomme and Rouille, 9 August 1548; A2ro: 'Guillielmo Rovillio librero à los lettores...' [Variant: 'Mathias Bonhomme Impressor a los lettores...' in copies from the Bonhomme state]; A3ro: 'Las armas d'el Illustre Juan Vazquez de Molina. Soneto'; A4ro: 'Carta de Bernardino Daza à el Illustre señor Juan Vazquez de Molina', dated 1 July 1549; A5vo: 'Prefacion de Bernardino Daza Pinciano sobre los Emblemas de Alciato traducidos por el mesmo, à sus Amigos'; B1ro: 'Libro primero de los Emblemas...'; K4ro: 'Segundo libro de los Emblemas...'; Q8ro: 'Soneto à forma de Emblema del muy. M. y muy R. señor. G. Perez à la muerte de Doña Marina de Aragon'; Q8ro: colophon, dated 17 August 1549; R1ro: index; R4ro-R4vo: blank.


210 emblems in two books (115 in Book 1, all with woodcuts; 95 in Book 2, 10 without woodcuts). Thus 200 emblems are illustrated, including all the new emblems (see Remarks below). The emblems in Book 1 roughly correspond with the order of emblems in Chrétien Wechel's later Paris editions with 115 emblems (e.g. F.011); those in Book 2 roughly follow the order of the 1546 Venice edition. Two further poems (A3ro and Q8ro) by Daza are emblematic in form.

A number of emblems, including D031, are illustrated here with the definitive woodcut for the first time, although the 6 non-definitive 'Tree' woodcuts are retained (see F.026-028) and 3 emblems use duplicate woodcuts. The design is funŽdamentally that of F.020 (Latin-only edition, 1548). Text in roman, 94mm for 20 lines.


This edition is sometimes catalogued with the date 1540, because the '9' in 1549 on the title page is often badly inked. The blank R4 is frequently missing. In the two USA NNH Bonhomme copies the '5' in the date on the title page is inverted.

Surprisingly this translation includes 10 emblems for the first time in any known edition in any language. The 'obscene' emblem (Daly 080) is omitted, and the only other emblem from the definitive corpus not found here is 'Doctorem agnomina' (Daly 097).

Daza claimed to have had access to what appears to have been a printed copy with corrections in Alciato's hand: '...como por que venido en Francia vue vn exemplar de estos Emblemas corregido y aumentado de otros muchos (como aqui vereys) de la mano del mismo Alciato.' (A6vo).

One privilege served to protect the translations into French, Italian and Spanish, which can thus be seen to constitute a concerted publishing venture. Breakage to the woodcut for [A49a043] here and in the Italian translation indicates that the French editions (F.026-027) are earlier than the Italian (F.028) and Spanish translations.

GUL SM32 H5vo-H6ro. Actual page height: 184mm
GUL SM32 H5vo-H6ro. Actual page height: 184mm.


Landwehr (Romanic), 40-41; Green, 36-37; Tung, 25-26; Campa, A1-A2.

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Aus *VOENB (Bonhomme)
Fra *BN (Rouille)
Fra MetBM
Fra NiBM
Fra *PBArs (2 copies, both Rouille)
FRG *MSB (Rouille)
Ita MoANSL (Rouille)
Por LiBN (2 copies, both Bonhomme)
Spa BU (2 copies, one Bonhomme, one Rouille)
Spa MBN (Rouille)
Spa OvBU
Spa VaU
Spa TBPP (Rouille)
Swe SkSB
Swi BnStUB (Rouille)
Swi SchStB
UKi *BL (2 copies, 1 Bonhomme, 1 Rouille)
UKi *CU (Rouille)
UKi *ENLS (Rouille)
UKi *GU (2 copies, both Rouille)
UKi *LU (Rouille)
UKi *LVAM (Rouille)
UKi LWIHM (Rouille)
UKi *OB (Rouille)
USA CU-BANC (Rouille)
USA *CSmH (1 Rouille, 1 Bonhomme (lacks gathering R))
USA CLU-C (Rouille)
USA CtY (Rouille)
USA *DFo (Rouille; lacks gathering R)
USA *ICN (Rouille)
USA *IU (lacks gathering R)
USA MB (Rouille)
USA MH (Rouille)
USA MoU (Rouille)
USA NBiSU (Rouille)
USA NRU (Rouille)
USA *NNH (4 copies, 2 Bonhomme, 2 Rouille)
USA NcD (Rouille)
USA *NjP (2 copies, 1 Bonhomme, 1 Rouille)
USA TxHU (Rouille)


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