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Andrea Alciato's Emblemata,
Petro Paulo Tozzi, 1621

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GUL SM 1226 a2ro. Actual page height: 239mm
GUL SM 1226 a2ro. Actual page height: 239mm.


4o in 8s: a-e8 A-Z8 Aa-Ff8 Gg8 (±Gg4) Hh-Zz8 Aaa-Qqq8 Rrr6 [$4 (a1, a2) signed] 542 leaves, pages numbered [I-IV] V-LXXX 1-1003 [1]. [Gathering Kk signed KK, gathering Kkk signed KKK; signing Kk2 as KK2, Ss4 as S4; misnumbering 108 as 84, 392 as 292, 622 as 522, 902 as 1002, 903 as 1003, 906 as 1006, 907 as 1007.]


o-o- iãia X.u- NIXV 3 1621.


a1ro: engraved title: a1vo: blank; a2ro: letterpress title; a2vo: blank; a3ro: dedication, Tozzi to Nicolaus de Oddis, ends a3vo; a4ro: preface, by Joannes Thullius, ends a6vo; a7ro: dedicatory emblem, 'Nullius indigna virtus', Thullius to Nicolaus de Oddis, ends after commentary, a8vo; b1ro: 'Judicia et testimonia virorum praestantissimorum de hac novissima editione emblematum Alciati': a series of liminary pieces concerning,and in praise of, the edition by Martinus Sandellius, Laurentius Pignorius, Andreas Chioccus, Bernhard Langvel, Giovanni Maria Avanzi, Johann Wolfgang Beer, Theodoricus Reschingeder, Franciscus Canclinius, Johan Baptista Windthier, end b4vo; b5ro: 'V.C. Andreae Alciati, J.C. Mediolanensis Vita', by Claude Mignault, ends c2ro; c2vo: liminary pieces in praise of Alciato, by Julius Caesar Scaliger, Lilius Gyraldus, Barthélemy Aneau, J. Mo. Toscanus, end c3vo; c4ro: 'Claudii Minois Epistola priroum editionum', dated 1580, ends c6vo; c7ro: 'Syntagma de Symbolis, stemmatum et schematum ratione': treatise by claude Mignault, ends d8vo; e1ro: 'Ad Alciato Emblemata laudatio', by Claude Mignault, ends e5vo; e6ro: contents, in classified order, ends e7ro; e7vo: index: emblem mottoes in alphabetical order, ends e8vo; A1ro: dedication, alciato to Conrad Peutinger, ends after commentary, A4vo; A5ro: emblems begin, and end Kkk5ro; Kkk5ro: 'Epilogus Joannis Thuilii Mariaemontani; Kkk5vo: 'Corollaria et monita Frederici Morelli ... Ad Andreae Alciati Emblemata', ends Lll5ro; Lll5vo: 'Index rerum et verborum', ends Rrr4vo; Rrr5ro: inscription to Alciato; Rrr5vo: errata, end Rrr6ro; Rrr6vo: colophon; mark.


212 numbered emblems; motto, emblem no., woodcut in woodcut frame, subscriptio, commentary. Subscriptiones in italic, 94mm for 20 lines; commentaries in 2 columns, roman, 66mm for 20 lines.

GUL SM 1226 Mm8vo-Nn1ro. Actual page height: 239mm
GUL SM 1226 Mm8vo-Nn1ro. Actual page height: 239mm.


This edition brings together all the 212 emblems, along with massive commentary, apparatus and index.


Praz, p. 251; Landwehr (Romanic), 99; Green, 152; Tung, 111.

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